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2015 Retail Price List

All prices are F.O.B Canon City, Colorado orders can be size specific based on availability.

Breckenridge/Slabs - Tan & Grey (Wall Builders)*  
2'X2'X6" to 3'X6'X12"

Breckenridge/Slabs - Blue w/ Rust (Wall Builders)* 
2'X2'X6" to 3'X6'X12"

Breckenridge/Slabs -Orange & Blonde (Wall Builders)* 
2'X2'X6" to 3'X6'X12"

Canyon/Character Boulders (Chocolate Orange, Weathered) limited quantity*   - 2'X2'X2' to 3'X4'X4'

Sandstone Angulated Boulder* -  2'X2'X2' to 3'X4'X4'

Palletized hand stack - Summit(Brown/Grey)* 
6"X8"X8" to  10"X24"X18"

Palletized hand stack - Summit(Brec Blue)* 
6"X8"X8" to  10"X24"X18"

Veneer (Rough Face, Cobblestone) * 
1"X4"X4" to 2"X18"X18"

Veneer (Smooth Face)*   - 1/2"X4"X4" to 1 1/2"X5"X13"
Colors:  Blonde, Orange, Breckenridge Blue, Brec Blue w/ Red Veins, Petrified Wood, Marbleized

*Bulk Prices available upon request.  Call CPS Distributors 800-289-2777

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