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Our parent company KRAUTHCO, INC. established in 1993, acquired the J and J stone pit #1, from the Stock family. This quarry has produced premium quality Sandstone slabs since the 1990's. Some of the original stone was used in the Breckinridge area. Today, we quarry our sandstone into several sizes that include slabs, boulders, veneers and palletized hand material.

The layered shapes of our stone were created by the deposition of sands, next to a prehistoric ocean.  After millions of years, the ancient "beach front" was transformed into sandstone.  As the earth's tectonic plates collided, these sandstone plates were driven upward and again exposed to the elements.

Sometimes you will see "ripple marks" on the surface of our stone, which were caused by water wave action.  The sand also contained many organic compounds (plant, and living organisms) that were trapped in the layers.  During the sedimentary process, these organics chemically changed into iron pyrite spheres and streaks.

Pre-historic worms also inhabited the sand and left behind fossilized tracks or trails.  So yes, you may find a fossl in our stone, or a chunk of fool's gold.  The Nationally known "Garden Park Fossil Area"  is just north of our quarry.  This area has produced some of the most complete dinosaur fossils known.  So it is anybody's guess what you might find, while using our products.  You may find a fabulous conversation piece, to enjoy for many years to come.
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